Couples Therapy

Couples come to me when they want to experience change in their relationships. They come having noticed they’re fighting more than usual, or because they’re going through something difficult together. They come because they care about their relationship but do not know why or how to make productive changes. Psychotherapy examines the ways we repeat disappointing and frustrating patterns. I help couples discover those patterns — roadblocks, in this case to good relationships. Together, we create strategies to inspire and motivate them to create lasting change. These changes are transformative, impacting couples I work with and others in their lives. The result is a new level of clarity in for the relationship, which leads to a more harmonious day-to-day life.

I also focus on culture, which is very important to the way we perceive ourselves, are perceived within relationships and by the world. My clients begin to feel better when they come understand their challenges through the lenses of race, culture, class, gender and ethnicity — cultural forces that have profound impact on our personal and professional development.

While “couples therapy” implies romantic involvement, this process is useful for any two parties encountering difficulties together. They may be a parent and child, business partners, co-workers or even just friends.

With over 20 years experience, my style is solution-focused, collaborative, flexible, and interactive. My training includes psychoanalytic and cognitive behavioral therapies, with specific training in substance abuse, codependency, and 12-step modalities. My expertise also includes anxiety, emotional intelligence, conflict management, work-life integration and cultural diversity. I have additional training in relationship coaching.

While many clients find that longterm therapy pays for itself, short-term options are totally available and often produce lasting results.

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